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2015: New Year, New Aim

Dear Supporters:

We hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday season. We’re certainly excited about 2015.

When we last wrote you 3 weeks ago, we were beginning the process of building the first 300 units of volume production. This step is commonly called the “New Product Introduction” build, which is critical as all of the processes that will be used during volume production are used, tested, and validated.

During that build we found a small issue with the sensors that could impact reliability and required rework. This rework impacted our yield, but nonetheless we were able to assemble and test approximately 200 units. These units were packaged and shipped to our San Francisco office for review, and unfortunately, we found a second problem which we had not expected: during shipping, some of the screens were scratched.

The corrections for both issues are straight forward, but implementing has delayed shipment by a few weeks. Our team and manufacturing partner worked through the holidays to minimize the delay, but unfortunately, some of our key suppliers were on holiday shutdown.

The bottom line is that volume production has shifted to 1/26 and we expect units to start shipping out of the warehouse around 2/6. We’re sorry to have yet another delay. We know it’s frustrating, but given how long you have waited, we want to make sure you get a quality product without blemishes or reliability issues.

On the software front, we have been making improvements based on feedback from Beta testers which are making the apps more robust and user-friendly. Our Android App will be released in the next two weeks and our iOS App is in review with Apple.

We sincerely thank you for your continued support and patience. We will continue to work diligently to make sure this is the last update until we say…. “SHIPPING!”

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17 thoughts on “2015: New Year, New Aim

  1. Derick Kurtz

    I just pre-ordered one of these awesome products today. Will mine be shipped around 2/6 or is there a huge pre-order before mine?

    1. Stasia Dara Post author

      Hi Derick, we will be shipping on a first-come-first-serve order, so it’s more likely you’ll get your around mid-March. Sorry for the wait!

      1. Matthew Keller

        first come first serve huh? I contributed to the indiegogo campaign on 12/3/2013. When do you guys think you’ll be shipping?


  2. Mauro Cardenas


    I need to know how to update my address because the address you have on file for me won’t be current by the time the units ship. Thank you.

  3. Megan

    Will we receive an e-mail when our unit is being shipped? Or will the unit show up without notice? I pre-ordered really early in the process and am wondering if my unit has shipped already or not.

    1. Matthew Keller

      Yes I second this! It would be nice to know when it is on its way and how things are going. I ordered back in Dec 2013 and am excited to get my hands on it!


    2. Stasia Dara Post author

      Megan, we started with sending units to anyone who has upgraded to the Gold sensors. The first regular units will be received next week. We had about 3000 orders during our Indiegogo campaign, and we plan to fulfill those within the first two weeks if not sooner. Hope this helps!

  4. Karen

    Really would like to know when my order will be shipped. I placed my order almost a year ago. When will it ship???

  5. Jane

    I signed up a few months back but don’t think I was ever charged. I don’t want to reorder and get charged twice. How do I check the status of my order? Thanks.

    1. Stasia Post author

      Hi Jane, If you ordered after October 1st, we did not charge your card. If you’d like to verify your order, please email us at [email protected] with the email address that you used to purchase the unit, and we can verify your order.

      Thank you!

  6. Antonio

    I contributed with the Gold sensor to the indiegogo campaign back on 2013 and I’m still haven’t receive nothing. I’m very disappointed.