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How Andrea Beat Her Personal Cycling Records by Improving Her MQ Scores

Andrea took chargeĀ of her cycling records by improving her MQ scores. Learn how:

“I’ve been an avid athlete all my life. Climbing, cross country, ultra running, weight training and in recent years, cycling. I was always fortunate enough to enjoy good health, and being a fitness nut, so the Skulpt system was right up my alley.

“I was curious about my body fat percentage, but skeptical of the caliper measurements as well as the bio-impedance scales. Visual comparisons put me at around 16% and the Skulpt scanner validated this.

“For me, measuring my Muscle Quality was the big eye opener. I was up in the high 90’s across most of my muscles, which put me in the athletic category, with the exception of my legs! Given all the running and cycling that I do, this was a huge shock and a wake-up call.

“I pared-down the mileage on my bike, in exchange for some pretty intense lower body weight training. It has taken me a few months, but with the help and guidance from Skulpt, my legs have caught up with the rest of my body in terms of my Muscle Quality scores.

“While I have actually been cycling far less, I focused on improving the Muscle Quality of my weaker areas according to my Skulpt readings, which ultimately led to much better power numbers and performance on my bike!

“A big thank you to the Skulpt team! Your product is helping me make measurable gains in athletic performance.”