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Fitness State of the Nation Report: The Strongest States Broken Down by Muscle Quality

Despite America’s Obsession with Glutes, Data Reveals it’s Actually the Nation’s Weakest Muscle

 SAN FRANCISCO, CA— Skulpt, the world’s first fitness device to measure body fat percentage and muscle quality, today announced findings from its “Fitness State of the Nation Report” around the most muscular states and which specific muscles in each state are the strongest. The study looks at over 600 Skulpt participants from across the US broken down by city, state, muscle quality and body fat percentage. Overall, the research found the strongest muscles in America were in the upper body including triceps, chest, shoulders and forearms while the weakest muscles in America were in individual’s glutes and calves.

Additional Key Findings from the “2015 Fitness State of the Nation Report” include:

  • Country Boys on the Rise: Watch out Jersey Shore- Southerners are buffer than you: New data found that despite the perception of Southerners being overweight, the top four most muscular states were in the South. The top four states ranked by muscle quality included Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee
  • Stripping Pays off in More Ways than One: Skulpt’s data showed that Las Vegas ranked first in terms of cities with the best glutes, while America as a whole was severely lacking in the glutes category. In fact, both glutes and calves ranked as the weakest muscle group among Americans compared to upper backs and arms, which ranked among the highest 
  • Fist Pumping is Paying Off: New Jersey made its way into the top 10 most muscular states. The state is definitely demonstrating the benefits of fist pumping with their top three strongest muscles all placed in their upper body- triceps, upper back and chest
  • Northeast has the Strongest Upper Body Muscles: While the South may rank as the strongest region overall, the Northeastern states including New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York all had the strongest upper body muscles. Specifically, triceps, shoulders and chest ranked amongst the strongest muscles in these regions


“At Skulpt, we strive to provide our users with the most accurate way to measure their fitness progress,” says Juan Jaramillo, VP of Product at Skulpt. “It was really fascinating to see how our users panned out across the country, and the different muscles each area is working on.”

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The data in this release was gathered anonymously through Skulpt’s internal database


About Skulpt Aim

Skulpt Aim ( is the first and only personal fitness device that accurately rates the quality of individual muscles and measures their fat percentage, to help users achieve their fitness goals faster, better understand their bodies, and know when they are losing fat and gaining muscle.

Built on technology originally developed for the medical space to track the progression of muscular disorders, Skulpt was founded in 2009 by Dr. Seward Rutkove, a neurology professor at Harvard Medical School, along with Dr. Jose Bohorquez, PhD, an electrical engineering graduate from MIT. After seeing the potential this technology could have on fitness enthusiasts, Skulpt made a pivot to the consumer space, introducing Aim – a revolutionary way to help users improve their fitness and better understand their bodies.

Skulpt Aim instantly rates the muscle quality (MQ) on a proprietary scale, which can identify areas that may have been neglected or over-trained. Using a rating scale similar to the IQ, MQ is a measure of the muscles’ strength and definition – a 100 rating is average, with higher numbers representing better fitness. Skulpt Aim also provides a total body fat percentage, as well as that for individual muscle groups for an in depth analysis of the body.

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