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Getting to Know your Aim

We have shipped out the vast majority of all pre-orders, and are grateful for the overwhelmingly positive response from our supporters. While there were definite challenges in bringing this product to the market, it’s extremely rewarding to introduce a brand new technology, and a “game-changer “ to the fitness space.

Being such a new device, we get a lot of questions about using the Skulpt Aim. As a lot of you have started to receive your Aims, we emphasize getting to know your Aim, and “playing” with it before your start your hardcore tracking. Here are some tips to be an Aim pro:

Take multiple measurements on the same muscle.

We have videos to show you the correct placement of the Aim on your muscle, but nobody knows your body better than you. So take some time to find the “sweet spot” of each muscle. It’ll be right over the belly of the muscle, and tends to give the highest value of MQ.

Make good contact with your skin.

This includes wetting the sensors with water before each measurement, and pressing firmly against your skin. The water helps to make a good connection, and you can also try to spray directly on the skin  instead of the sensors!

Pro Tip: You can bring Aim into your morning shower, without having to spray the sensors.

Delete unwanted measurements.

When you’re experimenting with your Aim, you may get a couple of wonky measurements that you don’t want to get in the way of your progress scores.

No worries. Here’s how to delete them:

  • Tap the “Your Body” box on the app where you can see a breakdown of each muscle;
  • Tap the specific muscle on which you want to delete a measurement;
  • Tap the “Snapshot” dial, and swipe away the bad readings.

Once people get a good feel of their Aim, we find that the variability is pretty low. In fat %, it’s usually within 1% for each muscle and even lower when looking at Total Body scores. With regards to MQ, we recommend taking your measurements first thing in the morning, at a consistent time of day, so your results aren’t affected by exercise or various other changes throughout the day.

To get the most out of your tracking, you may also find our “How Often Should I Use Aim” post interesting.

5 thoughts on “Getting to Know your Aim

  1. A truly happy german

    Dear Skulpt Team,

    This device is a REVOLUTION. There is not a single product on the market which is as great as this!
    I’ve got mine (with the awesome day one edition label) today and i can only say: It was worth the wait.
    What a great device. It was a pain to get it through my customs office though (although nothing more than 19% EUst in the end, so all fellow europeans, don’t hesitate.)
    And yeah, there it is, standing in its dock on my desk, i really feel we skulpt users are quite ahead in time considering lifestyle gadgets.
    Thank you.

  2. san

    I want to know how good the direct contact on the skin should be, precisely if there is body hair around the abdominal area and placing AIM on top of it is going to give wrong results? Given that hair being bad conductor of electricity, does the receiving inner electrodes senses a skewed result.
    If this does not affect the reading, was this scenario tested with multiple subjects. Sorry, if I am being pedantic.

    1. Stasia Post author

      Hi San, Thanks for your questions! It shouldn’t give a bad result, but may just be a bit more difficult to get a results. It may be useful to spray enough water on the sensors and just wiggle it around until it makes good contact. The device will tell you whether the contact is good. Typically, hair shouldn’t be an issue, but it depends on how much hair you have. If the contacts are completely unable to make contact with the skin, you may not be able to get results.

  3. Mark

    I received my Skulpt last week. I charged it up downloaded the app and took my first reading, the reading came back at 99.9% body fat and like a 178 MQ. After that first reading I have been unable to get any readings at all, just the “Let’s try that again” over and over.. Very frustrating since it seems everyone else is have a great experience. Anyone else having issues with this?

    1. Stasia Post author

      Mark, Sorry for your trouble. This shouldn’t be the case, and we’re happy to help. Can you please send us an email address with your order details to [email protected]? We’re happy to troubleshoot!