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Top 4 Ways the Chisel can be Useful to You

You may not be a body builder, power lifter, triathlete or marathon runner. Is the Chisel going to be your new go-to fitness device or something that ends up gathering dust alongside other unused electronic gizmos?

While everybody is different and has a unique view towards monitoring their health and enforcing good habits, Chisel offers a variety of benefits for everyone – regardless of whether you are a real fitness junkie or extreme athlete. Chisel provides an honest, unwavering assessment of where you are and where you are going in a very granular way—something no other fitness device can offer. Here are some ways Chisel can be useful to you:

1. Improve Fitness and Get a Better Metric than Your Weight

For most people, being more fit means losing fat and adding more muscle. Why is that a goal? From looking better, to lowering your risk of diseases, being fit also means that for every pound of body weight, you have a higher metabolic rate. For example, a relatively unfit man (180 lbs, 25% fat) would have a daily caloric requirement of about 2500 calories. Someone with the same weight but less fat (180 lbs, 12.5% fat) would need to eat 2900 calories per day to maintain that same body weight. As the weight stays the same, this is something your scale can’t tell you.

By replacing the conversation around your body weight with measures of muscle quality and fat % means better understanding your body and your body’s needs.

2. Avoiding Weight “Creep” 

Standard scales and most body fat analyzers (smart scales that perform whole body bioimpedance analysis) have considerable variability. Most of the reason for this variability has to do with your hydration status at any given time of day. We’ve all seen weight fluctuations throughout one day, and similarly, body fat analyzers can often show fluctuations in your fat % or lean mass throughout the day as well.

While we have grown accustomed to these variations, they are also a source of “creep.” Since we are unsure of our values at any given time, our optimistic selves will generally assume that we have added on water. So after reaching the goal weight, it’s easy to start slipping north over time because the changes are so small and fall well within the variation of the scale. Simply put, the more accurate/precise a measure, the better you will be able to know your true status and modify your behaviors accordingly.

3. Get a Granular View of Your Body

Perhaps the most unique aspect of the Chisel is your new ability to measure a range of muscles and get specific details on their condition. This means a new capability to helping improve the condition of muscles in a more specific way. So if you are needing motivation to get into and stay in shape, the Chisel will give you numbers for individual muscles to hold on to and not let drop. If your biceps MQ is 132, and you start to see it dip, you now know what you have to focus on to maintain or improve it.

4. Keep Closer Tabs on Your Overall Physical Condition

The Chisel helps keep you honest—it silently encourages you to keep moving to avoid seeing your numbers start to drop. It also encourages you to eat carefully to make sure your fat % doesn’t start risin—especially on your abs, which is the first place you’ll likely see a fat % increase.

Since Chisel is small and handheld, it means you can take it along with you whether you are at home or traveling. Not having to worry about the scale in the hotel gym being way off from your scale at home is also a plus.

The Bottom Line 

Since Chisel is more consistent than most other devices out there and reveals your true muscle and fat status, it will help ensure that you reach your fitness goals, and perhaps more importantly, ensure that you stay there. And since it provides a granular view of your body, you can make sure that you are not playing favorites with one area over another.

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2 thoughts on “Top 4 Ways the Chisel can be Useful to You

  1. Mike Brookes PT

    This gadget enables me to give my clients a professional service. Knowing their Muscle Quality means I’m able to concentrate on area’s they need work the most on to Skulpt their dream body!