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How I Tone Up Without Bulking Up

By Amanda Russell, Olympic Trained Athlete & Fitness Model

A lot of women are afraid of lifting weights or strength training because, “. . . I don’t want to be bulky.” This is a common fear, but a total misconception. Putting on muscle is a long and strategic process – especially for women.

Ladies, you are not going to bulk up overnight, and if you work hard enough to start seeing a little extra mass, you will have time to stop and reverse any unwanted effects. Plus, women don’t naturally produce the hormones that it takes to bulk up in a serious way.

Achieving a toned, fit, and sexy physique is all about building out your muscles while lowering body fat. To do this, you need to maintain or increase the muscle power that you have while decreasing body weight. Just think of this as calories in, calories out. Establishing a clean diet regimen and workout routine targeted at helping you get stronger and leaner will help you appear more sculpted, as long as you lose body fat.

Routines like this don’t need to just be about lifting light weights with high reps; heavier weights can be included too, granted you remain focused on losing fat, which of course means including lots of cardio.

Here are my 3 secrets to getting a sexy, toned, and chiseled look without getting bigger:

Eat More

Yes, you read that right – eating plenty of food is necessary to losing body fat and getting toned. People often think skipping meals and snacks will help to ‘save calories’ and lose weight. This is counterintuitive because eating less will slow down your metabolism and cause you to store more fat. Not to mention that it will negatively impact your energy levels and make you eat more later on.

Focus on Fat Burning Workouts

By focusing on feisty, fat burning workouts, you can tighten your body and burn off that ‘spare tire’. This works by getting your body to continually oxidize fat at a higher rate for longer periods after the workout ends.

There are tons of short, intense, or low impact workouts that really get your metabolism going but require no equipment and can be done right from your living room. Get inspired by watching this sample of great fat blasting workouts from my YouTube channel.

Water before Meals

You’ve probably heard that drinking water before meals will help you lose weight because you don’t have as much room in your belly for food and you will naturally consume fewer calories. What you may not know is that drinking two cups of water before meals has proven to lead to increased energy and weight loss, despite whether or not calorie intake remains unchanged.

Looking for more inspiration? Try the two week free trial of Fit Strong and Sexy for more toning techniques and fat loss advice, and start the journey to your ideal body. But always remember, you are beautiful just like you are!

Once you have the basics down, refine your routine and take your fitness to the next level with the Skulpt Chisel to help measure the body fat you lose and the muscle quality you gain. The ability to track the quality of each muscle is unparalleled, and will add even more fuel to your fitness fire!

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