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How Ryan Went From 45 to 72 Muscle Quality in 12 Weeks

With approximately 38% of the nation’s adult population being obese, the United States is facing a major health crisis. Ryan was one individual who found his weight ballooning out of control, and knew he was heading down a hazardous road. In 2012, fresh out of college, Ryan landed himself a job as a Software Engineer. He soon felt “too comfortable” at his desk job, gained a lot of weight, and by the fall of 2014, Ryan’s weight had spiraled out of control as he reached 307 pounds with a 52 inch pant size.

Around this same time, some of Ryan’s family members were diagnosed with diabetes. This news came as a serious wake up call to Ryan as he had already been experiencing some of the symptoms associated with the disease,  and that’s when he began to take action.

The Road to Wellness

Seeing the future ahead of a new, healthy body, Ryan joined a Crossfit gym in an effort to change his current predicament. Along with his newfound workout regimen, Ryan began eating in accordance with a Paleo/Zone diet at the recommendation of the trainers at his gym.

By January 1, 2015, Ryan had already shed nearly 30 pounds, bringing his weight to around 280lbs. His dedication and discipline also gave him the ability to complete several pushups and a single kipping pullup.

At this stage in his journey, Ryan’s hunger for fitness and dieting had grown substantially as he started to consume content on YouTube from various fitness gurus, including the infectious and powerful Scott Herman.

A Whole New Level of Healthy

Armed with new digital trainers, Ryan began to discard his Paleo/Zone mentality for more contemporary dieting techniques such as carb cycling, intermittent fasting, and calorie tracking. He finally shunned the dreaded “boiled chicken and broccoli” approach to dieting and instead adopted flexible dieting and a caloric deficit.  He learned that by tracking everything and using these practices, he could consistently lose roughly 2 lbs per week without having to sacrifice the foods he wanted to eat. This ultimately helped Ryan cut his weight to under 200 pounds. But he wasn’t done yet. In his words:

“By Jan 2016, I was down from 307 lbs ( 52B in pant size) to 192.7 lbs (36 in pant size).  I came across the Shred Challenge on Scott’s YouTube channel and decided it was the perfect thing to kick up the intensity of my training and REALLY get into shape.  I began incorporating Scott’s workouts alongside my diet and started getting amazing results.”

Ryan took on Scott’s 12-Week Transformation Challenge with a tenacious fury, and quickly rose to the top of Skulpt’s Shredded Leaderboard, losing 8% body fat in that very short time. He used Skulpt to hold himself accountable, tracking exactly how much body fat he lost and Muscle Quality points he gained.  The app enabled him to help distinguish between weight loss and fat loss.

Ryan also learned workout techniques that helped him get in shape at impressively fast speeds. One of his tricks is to continually progress.  By increasing weight or reps every workout session, strength arrived in spades.  He also recorded rapid improvements in his MQ scores, rising from 45 to 72.

Through regular exercise, Scott Herman’s expertise, proper dieting techniques, and the use of Skulpt products, Ryan was able to get into the best shape of his life.